The Seventh Crow

Art by Fiona Messer


Black and White

For many the common crow is just a pest. We hardy seem to notice them, but they notice us. They are wary and fearful and not without good reason. What started out as idle curiosity turned into a passion for me. Not a day goes by where I do not notice the crows that share the world I live in.

Crow Photography

I have moved more times than I can count. People often ask me am I homesick but they never ask for where. Traveling has been a huge part of my life ever since I can remember and I have logged more hours in airports, on plane, in boats, and in cars and busses than I care to think about. It seems to me that much of the world I know was seen from a window while in motion. It's a common theme in my art as it's a common theme in my life.

Travel Photography

Landscape imagery as art has always been in my life. My father was a superb watercolour artist who was fascinated by landscape. Now I find myself looking through camera at the sorts of landscapes he used to paint. There is something precious about wild places and magical. I grew up in Northern Newfoundland where it doesn't get much wilder and now that I live in Europe, where everything seems a little softer, I find I long for the vast areas of wilderness I knew as a child.

Landscape Photography

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